Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dance like a butterfly

Perhaps Senator Barack Obama is wise to play it straight and honest in the early phases of the 2008 presidential campaign. Let the other candidate knock each other out of the ring. Prize fighter Muhammad Ali did well by not letting his opponent get to him. He was also ahead of the majority is saying, "War is against the teaching of the Holy Our'an," when he refused to serve in the Army during the Vietnam war.

Joe Kline describes Obama's performance versus Senator Hillary Clinton in Time magazine.

Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe interviewed Obama for Newsweek.

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Dianne said...

Obama is not being wise. He just doesn't have anything useful to say. He is an empty vessel. Eventually, some very intelligent and possibly very evil persons or entities will attach to Obama like a devil on his shoulder, as happened years ago to Billary.